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When applying for an Education Loan

In its purest form education loans means a loans where you do not have to repay the principal portion of the loan during the time when you are doing the course. In fact some lenders like Triumphant Finance Company Ltd will even allow you a complete holiday period (no interest payment as well) during the course period. In such cases the interest is calculated and added to the principal portion of the loan and the repayment begins in EMI/Monthly, quarterly or annually/yearly after you complete the course.

Education loans are a risky business for the lenders/loan providers hence they are extra careful while providing education loans. Many times they come up with ingenious reasons for not accepting your education loan application due to huge risk involve in education loan. But here in Triumphant Finance Company Ltd we offer various scheme aims at providing education loan to deserving / meritorious students for pursuing higher professional and technical education home or abroad. What are you waiting? Apply now.

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